Scope of Work

Our Scope of Work is categorized by 2 main areas – Strategic Planning & Analysis and Implementation Management. With any projects, discovery and research phase which includes interviews and data analysis is a vital step to formulate successful strategies. However our work does not end there. Execution of strategies requires diligence and discipline. We support our clients throughout the implementation process every step of the way.

“What do we have here?” is the first question we ask about any businesses we work with. Our job is to put everything on the table to identify what to leverage and generate plans that work.

  • Business viability & feasibility analysis
  • Business model evaluation
  • Strategic financial planning
  • Business development

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Once proper plans are in place, we help our clients carry out and manage carefully customized plans throughout the process.

  • Project management from conception to execution
  • Structural organization / reorganization management
  • Financial Management

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Airtight Concepts is a hub of people with new ideas. In addition to Strategic Planning and Implementation Management, we offer resources that bring like-minded entrepreneurs together. We work with our clients to expand their network. It’s a kind of perks you will get by working with us. Here at Airtight Concepts, we connect the dots… and people!

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