About Airtight Concepts Inc.

Airtight Concepts Inc. was originally founded in 2003 in LIC, NY as a music licensing and label management agency.

In recent years, Airtight Concepts’ practice has evolved to focus more on business development consulting specializing in the entertainment as well as creative industries as a multidisciplinary consulting firm. Its services encompass strategic financial planning & analysis, project management, business evaluations, streamlining operations, team-building and new business development.

The company name represents precision, consistency, versatility, and reliability in all services it provides. Our mission is to work alongside with entrepreneurs and startups to provide guidance and support they need in order to achieve maximum growth.

Why Airtight Concepts?

Airtight Concepts is your solution to the common dilemma facing creative entrepreneurs and startups.

In many cases, entrepreneurs find themselves overwhelmed by having to deal with the running-of-a-business matters which tend to keep them away from practicing their core businesses. They often end up neglecting these vital tasks or leaving them up to inexperienced aids or trying to tackle these tasks on their own. As a result, they risk their chance of keeping the momentum going simply because they are unable to focus on their creative works.

Airtight has extensive experience in identifying business issues as well as providing recommendations and support on building scalable business foundation for creative entrepreneurs and startups to get ahead of the curve. We understand the nature of creative businesses and challenges associated with it. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.